I am a late bloomer, I started painting in black and white oil in 1995.  I can remember as a child wanting to draw, I didn't want to draw like a child.  Every time I put something to paper it look like a cartoon, I still strive to this day to make my art piece look real.  There is magic that comes from my pencil or brush, I am still amazed when I am done with a project.    Color was something that I mastered when I was a printer at Hutchinson Bag Corporation in Hutchinson Kansas.  I printed on cloth bags with a large printing press machine.  I would be asked to make a color from scratch.  Sometimes art work was provided, other times it would be a business card, swatch of fabric, what ever had the color on it.  I remember a conversation with my boss where he told me I was, "Just Average".  He was not the only one that told me that through my life.  With art I feel that we are not "average,"  we are all unique.  The greatness a artist has is in the eye of the person looking at his or her art.  I love painting with oil, there is a romance from the brush and canvas touching.  I can only hope that others receive something special from each piece I create.